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How to Choose a Front Entry Door

How to Choose a Front Entry Door

The right front entry door makes a statement and boosts curb appeal. Learn about the various styles and customization options available through Pella of Casper. That way, you can help your clients find the right one for their home.

Modern Entry Doors

Modern entry doors offer clean lines, expansive glass and a bold color statement. They’re made from wood, fiberglass or steel and draw in lots of natural light, especially when customized with glass panels and sidelights.


We finish our premium wood, steel and fiberglass doors with contemporary colors or stains. Popular options include:

  • Crisp white
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Natural-hued stains


Hardware is the finishing touch on an entry door. For modern homes, it should complement architectural style as well as window hardware. Pick from high-performance options in the most-desired colors, including chrome and matte black.

Modern Farmhouse Front Doors

Modern farmhouse front doors are rustic yet sophisticated. They prioritize streamlined architecture and ample natural light. You’ll regularly see them installed with grilles or sidelights for a custom look.


These doors are commonly wood. Top finish choices include:

  • Black
  • Natural
  • Neutral stain


Highlight rustic roots with a squared-off hardware placed in distressed bronze. Or go more modern with a hardware set in chrome or matte black.

Craftsman Front Doors

Craftsman front doors suit a wide variety of architecture styles, such as bungalow, cottage and those with natural design elements like wood or stone. These doors have glass in their top panel, which may include a grille pattern or decorative glass. For additional natural light, they can be combined with sidelights and a transom.


These doors are available in wood and fiberglass. Choose from a broad variety of complementary colors, including:

  • Prefinished stains in natural, reddish and charcoal hues
  • Pre-painted in curated Sherwin-Williams colors, such as neutral and earth tones


Through our partnership with Baldwin®, you’ll be able to help your clients find just the right finish. Choose from popular options like bronze, nickel and chrome.

Traditional Front Doors

Traditional front doors are highly customizable to fit your client’s unique home. They can be solid with minimal finishes or use ornate glass panels with grilles.


These doors are available in wood or fiberglass. Available colors range from rich stains to eye-catching paint colors from Sherwin-Williams.


Because traditional front doors have a high degree of design flexibility, they work with a variety of hardware styles and finishes. This includes brass, bronze and chrome.

Custom Front Doors

Each client’s home is truly unique, and their front door should exemplify that. At Pella of Casper, we have the expertise to create just the right solution, whether it’s wood, fiberglass or steel.

Customize it further with:

  • Glass options, including clear, textured obscure and decorative
  • A variety of grille styles
  • Between-the-glass blinds
  • A wide selection of premium hardware

As your trusted partner, we have the expertise to take your exterior door project to the next level. Call us at 307-234-1518 or pop into our showroom to get a free quote today.

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